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SendStation releases two new PocketDocks for the Apple iPod and iPod mini

Frankfurt/Main, Germany — June 21, 2004 — SendStation Systems today released two new models in its successful PocketDock product line for iPod and iPod mini.

The original PocketDock is a tiny adapter for the iPod’s proprietary Dock connector. By carrying a PocketDock, users can connect their iPods with industry-standard FireWire cables instead of the special Apple docking cable.

The new PocketDock Combo, announced today, offers USB and FireWire ports in a package hardly larger than the original PocketDock. It accepts industry-standard USB cables and 6-pin FireWire cables, allowing the user to connect to Macintosh and Windows systems at will using one convenient adapter.

Also announced today, the new PocketDock Line Out offers the same 6-pin FireWire connector as the original PocketDock, but adds an industry-standard 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo jack for high-quality audio output. The stereo jack connects directly to the iPod’s line level circuitry, bypassing the iPod’s headphone amplifier for optimal sound quality when connecting to an external amplifier or stereo system.

“It’s no secret,” says André Klein, SendStation Systems founder, “that the iPod’s line out connection provides much better audio quality than the headphone jack. With our new PocketDock Line Out, it’s simple and convenient to get the best sound from your iPod anytime, anyplace. And while we prefer Macs ourselves, the iPod has a loyal following among Windows users as well. Finally, with the PocketDock Combo, they can enjoy the same convenience that the original PocketDock brought to Mac users.”

Just like the original PocketDock, the new PocketDock Combo and PocketDock Line Out are smaller than a box of matches, and are compatible with all Apple iPods featuring the Dock connector, including the new iPod mini. SendStation Systems continues to offer some of the most compact and convenient iPod connectivity solutions on the market today.

As an additional benefit, all PocketDocks let you use FireWire-based accessories with your new iPod or iPod mini that were designed for early-model iPods, such as car chargers.

The PocketDock’s elegant designs are a perfect match for the iPod and iPod mini.

For additional info see sendstation.com.

Pricing & Availability

The PocketDock Combo (USB & FireWire) sells for $22.95 (SRP). The PocketDock Line Out Pack, which includes two 6 ft. ultralight and ultra-compact white audio cables, sells for $29.95 (SRP).

Both new models are available as of today directly from SendStation Systems at sendstation.com and will be shipping shortly from authorized dealers worldwide.

iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. FireWire and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Related Images

PocketDock Combo (FireWire/USB-to-iPod adapter)
PocketDock Combo
(Gradient Background)

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PocketDock Combo
(White Background)

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PocketDock Combo Demo

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PocketDock Line Out (FireWire-to-iPod adapter with Audio Line Out)
PocketDock Line Out
(Gradient Background)

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PocketDock Line Out
(White Background)

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PocketDock Line Out Demo

188 KB encoded in BinHex (.hqx) format
Stereo RCA-to-3.5mm-jack-cable. One out of two 6 ft./180 cm ultra-compact cables which come bundled with the PocketDock Line Out.

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