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SendStation announces immediate availability of smartCharge and earBuddy

Frankfurt/Main, Germany — November 04, 2005 — SendStation Systems, creators of the popular PocketDock line of iPod adaptors, today announced the immediate availability of two of its recently introduced products to augment the iPod:

smartCharge is the number one car charger for the iPod and the iPod shuffle. Its sleek design and adjustable cradle are built with the iPod shuffle in mind, but it of course charges every other iPod as well via the USB docking cable supplied with the iPod. A built-in audio-jack allows users to hook up a cassette adapter and leave it connected even when they detach their iPod shuffle for use outside the vehicle. smartCharge is priced at USD 29.95.

earBuddy is an ultracompact case for iPod earbuds (and other earbuds as well), designed to withstand 200 lbs. or 90 kg of force. About the size of a jewelry box, it is coated with ballistic nylon and has a detachable keyring. earBuddy is available in silver-gray with orange trim or all-black. It sells for USD 14.95.

Both products are part of SendStation’s 100,000 song iTunes promotion, also announced today. The products come with a code which can be exchanged at sendstation.com/itunes for an iTunes Music Store redeem code for 1 free song, or — every 20th (respectively 25th) code hits the jackpot — even 10 free songs.

Also available is a bundle of smartCharge and earBuddy together for USD 39.95. As a bonus the bundle includes a free matching keyring case for the iPod shuffle, a USD 12.95 value.

For additional information and details about the promotion visit sendstation.com.

About SendStation Systems

SendStation Systems, a company based in Frankfurt, Germany, designs and manufactures world-class iPod and Mac accessories. As one of the first authorized suppliers since the iPod took off in 2003, SendStation Systems has launched its series of successful PocketDock iPod adapters. Products are available through thousands of retailers around the globe including Apple Stores worldwide. More information about SendStation Systems is available at sendstation.com.

iPod and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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smartCharge car charger for the iPod shuffle
smartCharge with iPod shuffle

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smartCharge Adjustment Demo

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earBuddy carrying case for iPod earbuds
earBuddy Handheld

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earBuddy Keyring

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