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It’s the iPod accessory with the fewest features, but probably the most anticipated one: the SendStation Dock Extender.

Plug & Play is back

Tired of constantly peeling your iPod from its case to use your docking station or iPod speaker system? Does attaching dock-mounted accessories like a voice recorder make you speechless? Thanks to the Dock Extender, that’s all a thing of the past.
Plug & play finally is back!

Solves any case

No matter what case you own, SendStation’s Dock Extender has been designed to fit it. Your Dock Extender uses the same compact iPod plug as found on the standard iPod docking cable from Apple, so it’s compatible with all cases that have a dock connector opening.

Lean on me.

Your Dock Extender comes equipped with a matching Universal Dock insert [1] with a removable support and three interchangeable bumper caps. It’s like a good friend, one you can lean on: All iPods in all cases are welcome to take a break and recharge. (All 30 pins are passed through, so any other iPod feature works too, of course).

Now also in black!

By popular demand Dock Extender is now also available in black color. It also includes a Universal Dock insert [1], which of course perfectly matches your black iPod speaker system and docking station.

Tired of peeling?

A healthy Apple — whether it’s an iPod or iPhone — shouldn't be peeled.
Get your SendStation Dock Extender now.

*) Dock Extender does NOT fit Otterbox Defender for iPhone 3G/3GS (yet fits perfectly the Defender for iPhone 4), Apple Bumper case and Element Case’s Vapor for iPhone 4, but can be easily fitted. See FAQs for details.

1. The Universal Dock standard was introduced by Apple in 2005. Since then iPods with 30-pin dock connector have been shipped with a matching Universal Dock insert, a white plastic part which fits into the docking cavity of those docking stations and speaker systems for the iPod, which are built to Apple’s Universal Dock standard. This standard can only be found on officially licensed, “Made for iPod” or “Works with iPhone” badged accessories, though it’s not mandatory. The SendStation Dock Extender includes a Universal Dock insert, which follows the exact same standard.

Unfortunately this product has reached the end-of-life status and is no longer available for purchase.

About This Particular Macintosh

"...a must have if you hate removing your iPod case..."

"Playlist Pick. 4.5/5 stars."
Playlist Magazine

"...just useful. 5/5 stars."

"...a clever answer to a common problem. 5/5 mooses."

"5/5 apples."

The iPod Observer

Dock Extender is compatible with all Apple devices with 30-pin Dock Connector, which includes:
• iPad
• iPhone (ALL generations) [2]
• iPod touch (ALL generations)
• iPod classic
• iPod nano (ALL generations)
• 5G iPod (video)
• 4G iPod (click-wheel)
• iPod photo
• iPod mini
• 3G iPod (touch-wheel)

2. Dock Extender works flawlessly with any iPhone, but does not fully fit into the Apple iPhone Dock and Apple iPhone Dual Dock. Apple’s Universal Dock (MB125G/C) is recommended instead.

Got a question or need technical support on this product? Visit our FAQ & Support section.

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