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Up to 2.3 Mio. pixels extra: Expand the desktop area of your new MacBook, iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro by connecting an additional display using a SendStation Mini DisplayPort Adapter.

Move windows seamlessly between your internal and your external screen, and organize your desktop to keep track of the important things, such as iCal, your mailbox, To-Do lists or chats with friends. Make room for your creativity by placing palettes and toolboxes from apps like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects on a separate screen.

Popcorn anyone?

Get the HDMI model and watch movies or show Keynote or PowerPoint presentations directly from your Mac on a Flatscreen TV or projector.

All SendStation Mini DisplayPort Adapters are built under license from Apple. Get yours today from our Online Store, starting at only USD/EUR 22.95.

Order your Mini DisplayPort Adapter from our convenient online store now. We ship world-wide at low rates.

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