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The PocketDock FireWire is an indispensable add-on for the iPod, Apple’s sensational and wildly successful MP3 player. The tiny PocketDock FireWire lets you connect the new iPod’s docking port to a standard 6-pin FireWire cable, thus delivering on the iPod’s promise of freedom and independence.

When you’re on the road with your iPod, listening to your favorite hits, you may unexpectedly want to connect to another Mac or PC — to exchange files, or maybe just to charge the iPod’s battery. When you need it most, you’ll probably find that you didn’t bring the special iPod docking cable — it’s at home connected to your computer.

Tiny, light — indispensable!

The PocketDock is the elegant, simple solution to this common problem. Its beautiful design is a perfect match for the new iPod, and it fits in your wallet.

Utilize existing accessories

If you already bought accessories for the previous-model iPod, such as a car charger, the PocketDock will let you use them with the latest model.

The fastest way to own the PocketDock: Order now!

All PocketDock models are compatible with any iPod with Dock connector (see list in right column). The PocketDock FireWire costs US$ 9.95 and is available now through our online store.

Get yours now — you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

P.S.: Looking for USB connection or a way to connect your iPod to your home stereo? Check out our other PocketDock models: Combo, Line Out FireWire and Line Out USB.

Order your PocketDock anytime from our convenient online store. We ship world-wide.

"...I can’t do without it."

"...a more compact replacement for the Dock, plus great cables..."

"...a must have add-on for your iPod."

"...two free stereo cables that complement the iPod well and are very 'Apple-like'."

"...we think SendStation’s line of PocketDock adapters are must-have accessories for your iPod."
Playlist Magazine

"...it quickly becomes an indispensable addition to your iPod."

"...worth every single penny ...a must have for every iPod user."
The Different District

"Rating: Very good."

"I never have to worry about forgetting my dock cable again."

"Perfect solution to a silly but annoying problem."
PB Central

This PocketDock is compatible with the following iPod models:
• iPhone 2G [1]
• 1G iPod touch [1]
• 6G/7G iPod classic [1]
• 4G iPod nano [1]
• 3G iPod nano [1]
• 2G iPod nano [1]
• 1G iPod nano [1]
• 5G iPod video [1]
• 4G iPod (click-wheel)
• 3G iPod (touch-wheel)
• iPod photo
• iPod mini

1. Supports FireWire only for charging, not for syncing.

The following devices are NOT SUPPORTED. We recommend a PocketDock Line Out Mini USB or PocketDock Line Out USB instead:
• iPad
• iPhone 3G/3GS/4
• 4G iPod touch
• 3G iPod touch
• 2G iPod touch
• 6G iPod nano
• 5G iPod nano

PocketDocks fit many cases. Click here for details.

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