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SendStation’s brand-new, ultra-tiny PocketDock Line Out Mini USB is probably the handiest accessory for your iPod & iPhone you can think of:
Sync & Charge plus Hi-Fi quality Line Out Audio wherever you go.

Use existing USB wall or car chargers or simply unplug the standard 5-pin Mini USB cable from that digital camera, portable hard drive, GPS, PDA etc. to charge your iPod’s/iPhone’s battery or synchronize data.
Hear, hear!
Did you know that there’s better sound than your headphone jack has to offer? It is called Line Out:

The PocketDock Line Out Mini USB allows you to easily connect to your home or car stereo or DJ equipment with crystal clear, pristine audio quality.

The possibilities go far beyond just music from the iPod: Get an iPhone app like Pandora, ooTunes or Sirius XM and listen to Internet or Satellite radio streams on the road. Experience a whole new level of your iPhone/iPod games with powerful sound from big, bold speakers.

Side effect: Line Out consumes slightly less power, resulting in longer iPod/iPhone battery life.
Plug & Play (it loud)
The two most common audio cables are included too, so you can get connected right out of the box:

• 1/8″ (3.5 mm) mini – mini
• 1/8″ (3.5 mm) mini – RCA

Slim style, 6 ft. (180 cm) in length, with thumb-friendly shaped RCA (Cinch) plugs.
Line Out and USB can be used either separate or both together at once, allowing you to charge the battery while enjoying Hi-Fi quality audio at the same time.
Tiny package, small price
The PocketDock Line Out Mini USB is so incredibly small, it even fits into your wallet. And it doesn’t cost a fortune either.

Grab one today and never miss a connection again!

Order your PocketDock anytime from our convenient online store. We ship world-wide.

"...I can’t do without it."

"...a more compact replacement for the Dock, plus great cables..."

"...a must have add-on for your iPod."

"...two free stereo cables that complement the iPod well and are very 'Apple-like'."

"...we think SendStation’s line of PocketDock adapters are must-have accessories for your iPod."
Playlist Magazine

"...it quickly becomes an indispensable addition to your iPod."

"...worth every single penny ...a must have for every iPod user."
The Different District

"Rating: Very good."

"I never have to worry about forgetting my dock cable again."

"Perfect solution to a silly but annoying problem."
PB Central

This PocketDock is compatible with the following Apple devices:
• iPad
• iPhone (ALL generations)
• iPod touch (ALL generations)
• 6G/7G iPod classic
• iPod nano (ALL generations)
• 5G iPod video
• 4G iPod (click-wheel)
• iPod photo
• iPod mini

3G iPod models (touch-wheel) DO NOT support USB charging. Pick a PocketDock Line Out FireWire instead.

This PocketDock fits all cases. Click here for details.

Got a question or need technical support on this product? Visit our FAQ & Support section.

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