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Power for your Pet Sounds that will keep Barbara Ann entertained in and out of your car: SendStation proudly presents smartCharge, the platinum standard in iPod car chargers.

Built to Apple standards with awesome good looks and top-notch quality, this charger proudly sports the official “Made for iPod” badge.

Reach Out, I’ll Be There

It doesn’t matter where your car company placed the lighter jack: smartCharge works out the kinks. A docked 1G iPod shuffle can be rotated to meet your needs, and tilted 72°, leaving your favorite songs just a touch away.

Sleek lines — and safe to drive

smartCharge’s unique and beautiful design makes it the most suitable match for the iPod and iPod shuffle on the market. At a mere 30 grams (1.1 oz.), it powers up your iPod anywhere. The easily replaceable fuse protects your iPod shuffle. An invisibly integrated LED elegantly displays power status.

Grab and go

smartCharge is the only iPod car charger which provides a true, high quality Line Out signal: The built-in 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo audio jack allows you to hook up to a cassette adapter or line-in connection found on a wide range of car stereos. You’ve arrived? Simply grab your iPod and go — and leave the rest connected.

The included audio-enabled PowerCord iPod USB cable makes the Line Out jack work with any iPod with dock connector, and also syncs & charges your iPod on a computer’s USB port or USB powerbrick.

Start your engines and order now!

smartCharge works with many iPod models (except 3G) and 1G iPod shuffle (see side column for details). It is available from our online store and from selected dealers worldwide for $19.95. Order today and take a road trip with your iPod tomorrow!

Order your smartCharge anytime from our convenient online store. We ship world-wide at low rates.

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"...a very good value, and nicely designed. Highly recommended."

"5/5 apples."
(Finnish language)

"...a great choice for anyone who wants to put their iPod in their car and have a charger and good audio quality through their car stereo."

smartCharge is fully compatible with the following iPods:

• 1G iPod touch
• 6G/7G iPod classic
• 5G iPod (video)
• 4G iPod (click-wheel/photo)
• 4G iPod nano
• 3G iPod nano
• 2G iPod nano
• 1G iPod nano
• iPod mini
• 1G iPod shuffle

smartCharge is not recommended for use with and does not provide a Line Out signal when connected to a 2G/3G/4G iPod touch, 5G/6G iPod nano or any iPhone.

3G iPod models (touch-wheel) DO NOT support USB charging, thus can not be charged with the smartCharge.

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